Crystal Basketball?

Johanna has missed her calling.  In addition to being a knitting whiz and Mom,  ESPN should hire her as a college basketball analyst. Anyone else getting a bit tired of Dick Vitale and Stuart Scott (boo-ya)?  Wouldn’t it be great to tune in to ESPN and instead of all the pat catch phrases and testosterone, you’d see Johanna, espousing her college basketball wisdom WHILE knitting?  Wouldn’t that be awesome? Yes, Johanna is leading the Sticks ‘n String March Madness Challenge.

Vacation was wonderful, but I returned to work kicking my ass.  Knitting and posting will continue to be sporadic for the next several months.  Maybe I should ask Johanna to pick some lottery numbers for me.  It would be sooo nice to give up the day job, pay off the bills, and move to Arizona to become a cowgirl.

I’m still playing with the vacation pictures.  Expect a link to the Flickr album later this week.


~ by Kat on March 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Crystal Basketball?”

  1. Go, Johanna!!

  2. You’re not kidding, I can’t believe how good she is with the picks! I’m starting to get that bad feeling that Florida is going to let me down. I have to lay off watching though, the stress is getting to me. That Ohio State/Xavier game did me in.

  3. And then there is me…. I couldn’t do worse if I tried. I guess that is what I get for flipping coins to make my picks yeah?

  4. She’s doing great! My men’s bracket is better than 50% right now (how did that happen?)…but it looks to get so much worse later this week….especially since my bracket looks NOTHING like Johanna’s.. 😉

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