td.jpgThe long days and late nights at work continue*. Ugh. Thankfully, I have discovered the Grateful Dead concert recordings on the Internet Archive. I went to my fair share of Dead shows back in the day, it’s been nice to hunt them out and remember the good times and good friends as I slave away at the keyboard. I even managed to find my favorite show (Orono ME on April 19, 1983).

I had swapped an extra Providence ticket for an Orono ticket. Problem was, I had no way to get to Orono from Worcester. In true Deadhead fashion, I put up a sign on the bulletin board at school asking for a ride and was on my way to Orono with total strangers. They were two brothers who were picking up their Dad’s car from another brother who attended UMaine. Problem was, neither one could drive a stick. Soooo, in exchange for the ride, and crashing at their brother’s house in Orono, I had to drive Dad’s standard car back from Orono. Easy-peasy right? Oh, to be young and naive.

We arrive in Orono without a hitch, make plans to meet afterwards, and go our separate ways at the show. The show was general admission in the hockey rink. I squirmed my way up to the front and spent the next few hours in the first row right in front of Jerry. Awesome. After the show I meet up with the brothers and we head back to the house. Here’s where it gets interesting. This house had no insulation (in Orono?!? WTF?) and only a wood stove for heat. I had on a t-shirt and a jean jacket (silly Kat). Myself, and the resident German Shepard, spent most of the evening huddled by the wood stove. The resident humans giggled all night over my name. See, the German Shephard’s name was Cat. Picture the stoners having fun with that one.

Well, the party keeps on going. And going, and going, and going. There were people and illicit substances (not my thing) everywhere. Eventually, I managed to find a quiet corner where I curl up and grab a few hours of sleep. When daylight hits, I’m anxious to get on the road back to Worcester. See, I’ve got to get back in time to catch my ride to Providence for the show that night. Problem is, I can’t wake the brothers. Out cold, thanks to the illicit substances. I nudge. I open windows to let in the cold fresh air. I hunt for the car keys. Eventually I am successful and they slowly and groggily join the human race. Next bit of fun involved getting them dressed, some sort of food in them, and into the car. The spinning hippy chick is determined to make it to Providence that night, so we eventually head south on 95.

Now, Orono to Worcester is no quick jaunt. Heck, Orono to anywhere is no quick jaunt. We’ve got about 6 hours of highway to go before we reach Worcester. My passengers quickly pass out and I’m cruising down the highway. The other car and driver are a bit slower (remember the party the night before?). We eventually reach Worcester, but there is no sign of the other car and driver. Argh! They are my ride back to school. Now I’m stranded at the brothers house on the north side of town, with no way to get back to school on the south side of town. Finally, they pull in to the driveway. Tired, hung over, hungry, etc. All these guys want is a beer and a nap, but instead there is a very determined spinning hippy chick saying take me back to school. NOW! They do, and as we pull into the campus parking lot, my friends are assembling for the ride to Providence. Yay! I literally go from one car to the other and we continue our journey south (on 146 this time) for another awesome show.

I had more fun at the after party that night (we had insulated and heated dorms at the school I went to) and a warm bed to sleep in. And an off-season, unofficial, soccer practice the next day. That, was not so much fun.

Looking back, I should have brought my knitting with me. I could have made great progress while huddled near the wood stove with Cat the dog.

*Yes, I know I owe you a bunch of updates and prizes and all sorts of fibery fun. They are coming soon. Really. Only thing I am waiting on is decent daylight to take some photos.


~ by Kat on April 9, 2007.

12 Responses to “Trippy”

  1. LOL! What a trip! The things we do when we’re young. The knitting could have helped keep you and Cat the dog warm too. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh, Kat, what a fun story – thanks!

    reminds me of Star Trek convention stuff when I was 15 or so….crashing on new friends’ floor, Bud Light for breakfast…good times, good times.

    Rock on, dude.

  3. Ah, the stamina of youth!!

  4. Oh the things that you do in college! We’re so boring now. Warm, though.

  5. There is the story where I taught doug how to drive stick on the drive from Saratoga to Cincinatti for a show or the time in the cottage that had broken electrical wires in the floor — I was all flipping out about how I couldn’t get grounded and all the tripping out people didn’t understand and thought I was being trippy hippy…oh the memories you have dredged up…

  6. Oh, I love trippy hippy Deadhead stories. My favorite memory involves a handmade sign in the back window of my 83 VW Jetta and all the unexpected honks we got from minivans and volvos.

  7. I was a latecomer to the Dead scene…never got to see Jerry. But my husband has practically every concert they did on cd – via vines, archives, etc. Sounds like a crazy time! I’m not sure I *ever* had that much stamina, fearlessness (naivete, whatever!)….

  8. Sounds like quite a trip!

  9. As one who was in Orono somewhat recently (December – posts on my blog from Dec 11 06) I greatly enjoyed reading the story. I can believe it was cold there in April! Six hours from there to Worcester sounds like making pretty good time.

  10. sounds like such a fun experience. great reading this story.

  11. What a great story – thanks for sharing!

  12. Rock on and out, Crusader Girl !

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