Those pesky fates

 Oh, they are evil and vindictive.  They got me again.  Bastarhds.

First, my lap top at home wouldn’t turn on.  All the sproinginess (technical term) is gone from the power button.  Sometimes I get it to turn on, and sometimes I don’t.  Then, I just had to spend 3 hours stringing beads.  Then, I had to go to work.  THEN, the fates really got me back and I spent most of Monday putting out fires that I had no idea were burning.  A great way to start the week.  My weekend was lovely though (other than the work thing.)

Wake Up the Earth was fun.  Crowded, but fun.  Java loved all the socializing (dogs and people).  I got there in time to see the Foundation Movement.  I’m not really into hip hop, but these guys are good, and their message is a positive one.  They were a big hit with the crowd too.  After that Java and I just wandered around (with a stop at Circles) the neighborhood and enjoyed the sunny day.  On Sunday, I went to the ICA for the Zidane film.  Very cool, but it’s not for everyone.  I’d recommend it for hard core soccer and avant garde cinema fans.  After a stop in at the office, I headed over to Beadworks in Cambridge.  I wish I had known there was a Beadworks on Newbury Street.  There was a HUGE festival in Harvard Square on Sunday AND the Walk for Hunger.  Which made for a crowded and slow T ride.

So why did I go to Beadworks?  Yes, there is a Bauble in my future.  I’m about halfway through the bead stringing.  I’m going to try and finish it up this weekend.  My eyes are just too tired at night to locate those teeny tiny holes.  As usual, there are a variety of projects in various states of disarray.  The linen washcloth fits neatly in my bag, but hasn’t seen much attention lately.  Marta (remember Marta?) is still sitting on the big comfy chair in time out.  About 20 inches of shawl need to be frogged and re-knit on larger needles.*  I managed to pick out the yarn AND the pattern for the Sockapalooooza socks.  Maybe I’ll make pretty yarn cakes when I get home tonight.

But enough of my pathetic progress at knitting, here’s what you’ve been waiting patiently for since March <drum roll please>, without further ado, I am pleased to present the winners of the March Madness Tournaments:

<drum roll, musical crescendo, CYMBALS smash>

On the Men’s side, Seedstitch Sheryl came from behind and took the title with 1200 points.  Cheryl finished in the 90th percentile, not too shabby.  In second place, with 1140 points was Maryse.

In the Women’s Tournament, it is obvious that Carole takes her women’s hoops seriously.  With 1150 points, she dominated the competition and finished in the 98.7th percentile (Wow!).  Johanna came in second with 930 points (See, I told you Carole dominated the competition.) 

My very sore nose is going back to the grindstone now.  Hope to ‘see’ you all soon!

*This should be an indication of my stressed out mental state and desperation.  It took 20″ of knitting for my to realize that the gauge was WAY OFF.  It is a very pleasant/mindless pattern, so I don’t mind too much.


~ by Kat on May 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Those pesky fates”

  1. Bummer about the laptop… But I thought “sproing” was a technical knitting term, and now you’re telling me it’s a computer term, too?!

  2. the Zidane film is at the ICA? COOL!! Just figured I’d never get to see it. Maybe I actually can.


  3. You’ve had a lot to deal with lately, that’s for sure! Thanks for announcing the March Madness winners. I do take my women’s hoops seriously, that’s true. 🙂

  4. That laptop wouldn’t be a Toshiba, would it? Mine won’t power on either. Argh. ah well.

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