Wow! Two posts in a single day, can you stand it?

That there is Bauble. Ain’t she pretty? My fancy dress is fairly unique. It’s purple and mauve and yellow and gold (and all the colors in between) flowy chiffon. Bauble matches it perfectly.  It got lots of comments at the wedding last Friday. 

The bead stringing took forever. The knitting took a few minutes. I already have the beads for Bauble #2 sitting at home waiting to be strung. gwfgwf knitting anyone?

Posting may be sporadic next week as I will be traveling for work. Again. This time I’m off to the Bay Area. It’s a drag to be going on the road again, BUT, my SF hotel is around the corner from Art Fibers; and the Red Sox are in Oakland at the same time (so far I am going to two, possibly three games). Woo-hoo!


~ by Kat on June 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Bauble”

  1. Purty purty! Have fun in the Bay area! Any chance you’ll get to meet local knitters?

  2. Oooh, have fun at those games.

  3. Love the Bauble! I keep thinking I should make one too… but then there’s the bead stringing part… hahaha. More Red Sox games! Wow – you’re getting spoiled 😉

  4. WHOA. Beautiful! (and now I’m humming along with the Joseph song ….”red and orange and BLUUUUUUUEEE…”)

    Enjoy the trip!

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