Stitch & Pitch – Oakland Style


 Despite enthusiastic support from the many Red Sox fans in attendance, my boys didn’t pull out the win last night.  It was the night of shattered bats (3 or 4) and shattered fans (not us).  We were sandwiched between pockets of enthusiastic Oakland and Red Sox fans.  The wise cracks that were flying back and forth were hysterical. 

The knitting was not immune to the jokes: 

  • “Take me to your Weaver.”
  • “Knit one, HEY! she purls too!”
  • “Is my sweater done yet?” (it was a cold night)
  • “Are you Swedish?”
  • “Hey, Granma.”

Luckily, the baseball jokes were much funnier than the knitting ones.


~ by Kat on June 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stitch & Pitch – Oakland Style”

  1. It’s good that the baseball jokes were funnier because… Well.

  2. “Are you Swedish?” WTF?

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