Green Monster

C’est fini.

A grad school graduation present for my SIL.
Needles: Size 11 Addi Circs
Pattern: Hah! Just garter stitch. It’s approximately 4 x 6 feet.
Yarn: A bunch of them as long as they were green.

Now she and my brother have a matching set (his is orange).


~ by Kat on July 9, 2007.

9 Responses to “Green Monster”

  1. That looks really comfortable!

  2. That’s so pretty!

  3. i love it; it looks quite snuggly!

  4. Lovely! Lucky SIL.

  5. Beautiful! Can we get a close-up?

  6. Gorgeous!

  7. That’s so gorgeous and looks way more complicated than ‘just’ garter stitch!

  8. That is so pretty! The blues/purples in there really bring out the different shades of green.

  9. beautiful! it looks lovely! well done, you!

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