Double take

When I got home last night, my Sockapalooooza package was waiting for me. After observing the appropriate homecoming ritual (Java hug and wrestle, then a walk around the block and the piece de resistance, cracking of a cold beer), the envelope was opened. OK, I may have skipped all that and opened the envelope right away.  My pal hit a home run!

Look familiar? Yup. Chantelle, used the exact same yarn that I used for my pal’s socks! We obviously have excellent taste in yarn. And by gifting me these socks, Chantelle has saved me from a quandry.

See, I’m on a severe yarn diet, while I slowly knit my way through the stash. I am only allowed to buy yarn for gift knitting, and only if I don’t have anything appropriate in the stash. Based on my pal’s requirements, I didn’t have any appropriate sock yarn in stash so I happily traipsed to the LYS and bought the Louet. I loved knitting those socks. The fabric was wonderful and the texture of my simple pattern was shown off so well. I really wanted to knit myself a pair with the Louet, but there wasn’t enough left. Oh well, I said to myself, I’ll buy two skeins at Christmas as a present for me.

Well Chantelle has saved me the trouble. The socks are awesome. The fit is perfect (I wore them while walking the dog last night), and the pattern is gorgeous. Go check out the detailed photos in my Flickr set here.

ETA:  Chantelle has provided the pattern info in the comments.  I hope to see lots of Journey Cable socks out there on the needles soon. 😉


~ by Kat on August 14, 2007.

7 Responses to “Double take”

  1. Sweet socks.

  2. what a nice thing to come home to!

  3. They’re just amazing. Chantelle, please come forward and tell us what the pattern is. I’d love to try it.

  4. hi ya’ll, glad you like the socks Kat, and I’m so glad they fit too! That is what I was most nervous about. (that and some of my knitterly friends gave me questioning looks about the shade of blue I had picked out, but I had a feeling about that blue I tell ya)

    The pattern is Journey Cable Sock from Sivia Harding Designs:

  5. Ok, that’s just eerie! How perfect.

  6. Gorgeous socks … both colour and cables!

  7. What Karma, what a Universe !
    You must have been very very good, KK !

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