Wacky Wednesday

Crazy-busy work will be keeping me occupied for the next few days. The knitting update from my mini-vacation is as follows:

  1. Brittany Jumper for the niece was too small. Pros: I’ll have a wonderful present waiting in the wings for the next girl baby. Cons: I can’t crochet for sh!t. Really. It’s embarassing.
  2. Bath mat (I have yet to show you a picture) – four skeins of white Weekend Cotton down, maybe two or three more to go until this one is done.
  3. Barbie Pink Baby Blanket – I’m still loving the Butterfly Cotton and the mindless knitting of the miter square that allows for great progress while visiting with varying degrees of cousins and being a passenger in meandering drives of New Jersey horse country.
  4. Socks – never touched ’em.

To keep you occupied until I manage to post photo updates or actually finish something, here are this week’s Wacky Wednesday items:

  • Bear hugs are so passe. How about a lion hug!
  • I want to take Java to Toronto just so Piotr can photograph her. Absolutely amazing photos of dogs and cats.
  • Looking for that perfect gift for the (really, really) young lawyer (to be)? Look no more.

~ by Kat on August 22, 2007.

One Response to “Wacky Wednesday”

  1. Hee hee – you got more done in your few days of vacation than I got done in 2 weeks of vacation!

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