No Vermont.
No Delaware.
No California.
No Colorado.
Weird, because, I am always seeing those states.
But 2 Alaskas!!
Quebec was the only Canadian province represented.

And the winner is——- Chris! (She’s getting pretty good at this contest gig. I’m going to ask her to pick some lottery numbers for me.) She was the first guess and spot on at 27 (26 states and 1 province).

It’s a hot Saturday. Perfect for hibernating in the house, trying to stay cool, and working on a few projects. The bathmat is nearing the end, and I’ll be practicing my crochet. You would think that taking away a ‘needle’ would make playing with yarn easier, but just the opposite happens. Give me a crochet hook and yarn and I revert back to my 6 year old self learning to ride a bicycle. Determined? Yes. Clumsy? Absolutely! Feel like crying and throwing the bike crochet hook on the ground in frustration? Yep.

But I’ll keep plugging away. I’m stubborn like that.


~ by Kat on August 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “27”

  1. WOW! ok. i was way off 🙂

  2. WOW. Really?? *blink blink*

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