Ding-dong, the bunnies are dead
Which old bunnies? The evil dust bunnies.
Ding-dong, the evil dust bunnies are dead!

Well, the ones in the living room, kitchen, hall, and bathroom are.  I’ve rearranged the furniture and made the yarn stash more accessible.  While the dust bunny hunt was taking place, I moved the stash to the hallway.  It was embarrassing.  Too embarassing to take a photo of the two large Rubbermaid bins, three large underbed bags, one giant LL Bean canvas tote bag, two giant shopping bags, one wicker basket, and other miscellaneous smaller bags and oddballs that managed to maintain their position on the couch.  Clearly, I need to knit more.  A lot more.

Java is exhausted from the long weekend.  All the furniture moving and sorting and clearing and cleaning looked suspiciously like packing to her.  And packing always stresses her out.  And of course it disturbs her beauty sleep, especially that pesky vacume cleaner.  I took a break on Sunday to go to the market and came home to find her fast asleep on the couch on top of the knitting I had left there.  Reminded me of our old standard poodle.  Back when I was working in NYC, I would come home on Sundays for a hot meal and to do laundry.  We used the pool table in the basement for folding laundry and when my pile of clothes moved from the dryer to the table for folding Zephyr would jump up on the pool table and lie on top of them.  “Hah, now you can’t leave!”

 In addition to the bathmat and dish towel, I also worked on the Baby Barbie Blanket (I will get a picture someday, I promise), and knit and frogged a Baby Kimono (from M&D).  Twice!  Yeah, I’m a whacko like that.  I cast on for the third version on the T this morning.  It should last through lunch……


~ by Kat on September 4, 2007.

One Response to “Efficient”

  1. Wow, hopefully 3rd time’s the charm. And really? That doesn’t soun like a lot of yarn to me…

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