Just a bit too small

Here’s the Brittany Jumper in it’s current state. The knitting is done, but the crochet is not. I am horrible at crochet. BUT, I found out at knitting group today, that one of the girls is a whiz at it. Too bad she’ll be out of the office for our next three meetings. Oh well, it will get finished.

Either that or I’m thinking of frogging it and whipping up a circular sweater like Alison did. What do you think?


~ by Kat on September 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Just a bit too small”

  1. Oh, the jumper is so cute! Have you considered applied i-cord? Nice edging alternative to crochet…

    That sweater is killin’ me – I’m thinking my niece maybe needs one for Christmas……

  2. the jumper is de-lish. too bad it was too small!! i do love that sweater too.. bookmarked..and now I’m going to hunt it down on Raverly to add to my ever growing queue!

  3. The jumper is so sweet and the color is beautiful. I hope the crochet goes well!

  4. I think I skipped the crochet edging and just picked up and bound off.

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