Ahoy, me hearties!


Arr, me an’ me squadron of fine lasses are goin’ on account. Aye, me bevy of beauties an’ I be off a carousin’ an’ swashbucklin’ an’ forgin’ ahead fer a fine cause around thar shores of Boston Harbor.

Be ye scallywags?
Be ye wenches?
Be ye scurvy dogs?
Be ye sons ‘r daughters o’ biscuit eaters?

By the powers, should ye be not wantin’ the black spot upon ye, should ye be not wantin’ to be keel hauled, should ye be not wantin’ to walk the plank, then ye be clickin’ here and be donatin’ doubloons an’ pieces o’ eight to our booty.

Aye, all the sprogs an’ landlubbers an’ mates who do, will be heartily toasted with grog an’ assured of a fine an’ grand welcome in Fiddler’s Green. Aye, thar be some fine fiber as a reward too. I know all ye pirates be wantin’ the reward. Fer every five doubloons ‘r pieces o’ eight that ye donate to the booty, yer name be tossed in that thar cauldron.* Arr, the winnin’ hearties will be gettin’ some yarn. Mebbe this, or mebbe this, or perhaps this.

After all, us pirates need t’be lookin’ atter ‘rselves.

Please e-mail me (kat.superguppy — gmail — com, replace the — with the appropriate symbols) with the amount of your donation so that cauldron contents be fair. Winners will be announced on Monday, September 24th.

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Check out Savage Chickens too.


~ by Kat on September 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ahoy, me hearties!”

  1. aarrggghhh where’s me hook? where’s me parrot?

  2. *blink blink*

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