Fiber Twist 2007


I know what I’m doing on Saturday, October 27th.  Judy’s coming too! 

Anyone care to join us?

In current knitting news, I am trying to be loyal to the Barbie Blanket.  I want this thing done and off the needles so I can get started on some gwfgwf* items.  Here’s the list so far:

  1. Socks are halfway done (at the heel turn) recipient to be determined (it might be me!)

  2. Fingerless mitts for Mom

  3. Fingerless mitts for my secretary

  4. Adorable nephew has requested something blue (how can I refuse?).  I’ve got three skeins of Reynolds Candide, so I’m thinking about a top town v-neck sweater for him.  (Must check my EZ books/patterns this weekend.)

  5. Elann’s Pinwheel Sweater for the neice.  Yarn to be determined.  I MUST have something appropriate in the stash.  Time to check and update the stash spreadsheet.

  6. Mason and Dixon Baby Kimono for the nephew to be and possibly a blanket as well (but he’s not due until late January so I’ve got some leeway on this one).  I’m thinking about the Pompom Papoose from Erika Kinght’s Knitting for Two.  (Must go check Ravelry for that one).

That’s it.  No more.  Really.  Well, at least until the list above is complete.  I’m stressed and over committed as it is, I don’t want to add too many complications to my life.

*generic winter festive gathering with food


~ by Kat on September 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Fiber Twist 2007”

  1. Hmm … Fiber Twist … let me look over my list of school projects and see if I can sneak away for a day. Which day are you two going?

  2. the 14th i’m going to webs, the weekend after i’m going to rhinebeck. i think i have to stay home and spend it with my husband on our anniversary weekend which is the 26-27.

  3. ooooo. I may just have to take a field trip. :o)

  4. I just ordered some swish superwash from knitpicks for the pinwheel – my niece NEEDS that sweater.

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