TBS = horrible baseball coverage

If you’re not a baseball fan, stop reading now.

As a fan, I am disgusted by what I’ve seen so far of the TBS coverage. If you feel the same, leave feedback at MLB.com (you are limited to 500 characters). You can contact TBS at tbsinfo@turner.com (I didn’t find a form on their website).

Confusing Manny and Papi? Getting excited over a double play ball when there is only one out needed? A monotone color guy? Pathetic between game coverage?

Am I really reduced to listening to Glen Geffner cover the Sox on the radio? Is this some kind of punishment? Even the between game and Arizona coverage was horrible.


~ by Kat on October 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “TBS = horrible baseball coverage”

  1. oh it was sooo bad. plus coming back from commercial break..and theres already one out! TBS did suck it up. but…hey.. GO SOX!

  2. They’re pretty awful. I watched the Rockies game, which Don O was announcing, and I was jealous. Come back, Don O! Why don’t they let him do the Sox games? I don’t know who these weirdos are, but they’re beyond boring. And coming back from commercial having missed a batter!?? Unforgivable. (That looks like it’s spelled wrong, but I can’t figure out how to spell it right, either.)

  3. I am so glad I was at game 1 because sitting through this would have driven me crazy. I guess I should get prepared for Friday night though.


  4. I completely disagree. Would you prefer FOX???? jeanne z????? jack Buck??? TimMcCarver????? Are you kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    While I know that it is not polished, all the crews comment on the game, not make every play the most dramatic ever seen.

    As I said, firdt year, maybe not the best but 100% time better tehn FOX.

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