The tinking is done. The errant stitch has been found and erradicated. The blanket for the nephew-to-be is 66% complete. When I pick it up again, the third and final ball of yarn will be joined. (No picture since it looks the same, only longer.) I am still amazed at how this project is flying off the needles. I want to finish it, but it’s also perfect mindless knitting (unless it’s Game 4 of the World Series), so I’m going to try and knock out a few smaller projects over the next week before I head south on my meandering journey.

My nephew loves alligators, so what else can an indulging aunt knit him for gwfgwf* but the Morehouse Merino Baby Alligator Scarf. I ordered the kit last week, wound the yarn cake this afternoon and have already finished knitting the head and eyes. All the odd rows involve counting, so this one of those at home projects. Preferably to be worked on after the dog has a good workout at the park chasing the tennis ball. She can be very persistent when she wants attention. I’ll try and get a picture tomorrow when the light cooperates.

Since I am going to be on the road for three weeks starting Saturday, a few other yarn cakes were wound as well. Some Fox Fire, some Kangaroo Dyer, and some Blue Heron (so far).  The Fox Fire and Blue Heron are destined for scarves, the Kangaroo Dyer will be wristlets and a headband. I’ve got some hats and socks in mind as well, so there will be more yarn cakes this week.

So what are you knitting for the holidays this year?

*Generic Winter Festive Gathering With Food


~ by Kat on November 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Your gwfgwf abbreviation is the best. Love it.

    I’m knitting socks for my SIL (on the last pair of 4) and a Pinwheel Sweater and toddler socks for my niece.

  2. LOVE the gwfgwf!! What a cute alligator scarf! Morehouse is the best, love them! Have a safe trip!

    Oh, and I’m not knitting for anybody… including myself 😦 boooo

  3. Good luck with all the travel. I am avoiding all holiday knitting this year — selfish I know but it is much less stressful.

  4. I’m just finally catching up with your posts. I hope to finish some socks and make a few of the Cashmere Neckwarmers from Yarn Abuse. I love them and they seem so quick and easy. I think they will make for perfect gifts for my in-laws in Wisconsin.

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