Alligator Head

Here’s yesterday’s progress on the Baby Alligator scarf. I’ve knit through the first row of alligator bumps, only 15 or so more repeats to go. IF, I don’t frog it. I’m going to do one more repeat tonight and then decide if the gauge is OK. I’m knitting with a size 6 and the gauge seems a bit dense to me. I think a 7 would make for a drapier alligator.

Then again, this is for a 5 year old boy, I really don’t think he is going to care about how theĀ alligator ‘drapes’.


~ by Kat on November 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “Alligator Head”

  1. LOL – good point! It looks cool.

  2. Ha ha, a “drapier alligator” sounds funny. Looks good!

  3. Might be better to play with if it has a little less drape.

  4. You have officially cracked me up!

  5. Hah! It’s looking great so far.

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