Dear Theo,


Dear Theo,

Thanks for signing Curt.  My peeps over at the Red Sox Knitters forum on Ravelry are mighty pleased with the news.  I bet you never thought that a bunch of knitters would congregate on-line and post like mad about their beloved Red Sox (btw – the post season live blogging threads are pretty entertaining reads).  Well, you might have an idea, if the Red Sox would ever sponsor a Stitch ‘n Pitch, but with the constant sell outs at Fenway, that doesn’t seem likely.   

Don’t worry though, we are plotting and planning to stage events at the local Sox affiliated minor league teams.  Do you have any favorite charity organizations that we could donate knitted items too?  Us knitters are all about spreading the love of hand knits and watching our Sox play some baseball.

Hope you enjoy the weather in Orlando this week, it’s turning colder up here and there is a slight chance of snow on Friday

Take care,

P.S.  If any of your players would like to have authentic, hand knit, Red Sox socks, we’re just the group to pull it off.  Let us know, OK?  We’re all going through baseball withdrawal up here.  We could even bedazzle a pair for Big Papi.

P.P.S. Now hop to it and sign Mike Lowell!!!!!!!!


~ by Kat on November 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Dear Theo,”

  1. LOL!

  2. seriously if you want to donate knitted items, we at graceful stitches could use some volunteer knitters. we have kits prepared, with the fancy yarn and everything. you sign them out, knit the item, then bring them back. no cost to you.

    and graceful stitches is a favorite of shonda schilling. she commissioned scarves to be knitted for the redsox wives this year.


  3. Hee – now we just have to figure out a way to get Theo reading knitting blogs. Think Casey would get us an express-invite for him? I’m sure he’d appreciate our devotion.

    Did you see Papi on Conan, with the giant bedazzled scorpion on the back of his jacket? Papelbon was right!

  4. Ha ha, great post! Bedazzled…tooo funnnny!

    !!SIGNMIKELOWELL!! [and Mirabelli…]

  5. I love it. I may have to buy a bedazzler and adorn my Red Sox Socks with some rhinestones in honor of Papi.

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