Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y’all!

  • Anyone else old enough to remember WKRP in Cincinnati? Their Thanksgiving promo was awesome.  (ETA:  Sorry, YouTube took down the clip.)
  • Need a new cat toy? Are you a Mike Rowe fan? Click here. (Spree: has sound) And if you are on Ravelry, make sure you join the Mike Rowe group for links to other great clips.
  • A/V Geek. This site is a really helpful, and hysterical, collection of 18,000+ training films, filmstrips, and the like. Those of you traveling for the holiday season may find this gem from the women’s travel consultant at Shell Oil to be particularly helpful.
  • Are you an animal lover? A lover of cheesy 80’s pop music? A closet Back Street Boys fan? This is awesome.
  • Ever dream of flying? BASE jumping in a wingsuit is just insane.

~ by Kat on November 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wacky Wednesday”

  1. WKRP flashback!

  2. WKRP was great!

    Love the scarf ! I was looking at their cat one for my daughter.

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