I feel like Eeyore

The past year has been incredibly long and stressful.  The demands that my job places on my time are incredible and, it seems, never ending.  After my week in DC, I was really looking forward to some “me time” with the family.  Play dates with the neice and nephew, hanging out with siblings and siblings-in-law.  Going hiking in the Reservation with the pups.  Mom’s home cooking.  Ahhh, this was going to be my time to relax,  recharge the batteries, and make some decisions.

I woke up this morning, feeling my usual “rushed”.  Gotta go!  Gotta pack!  Gotta move!  I’m supposed to be somewhere!  Agh!!  Then I decided not to rush.  Sure there was stuff to do, and I did need to drive to NJ, but the deadline was a self-imposed one.  Instead of rushing about like crazy lady, I packed, I cleaned, I took the dog for a long walk.  I was determined to start my three weeks away, in a relaxed, de-stressed frame of mind. 

All went well, until about 3:30 this afternoon when, after packing the car and gassing it up, I proceeded to rear-end the vehicle in front of me and the vehicle in front of that one.  I guess I wasn’t relaxed enough.  All is well though.  No one was hurt.  The two cars in front of me were moving at a crawl (the light had just turned green) and I wasn’t going more than 10 MPH.  Still, my ‘strong-like-bull’ Jeep, crunched the tailgate of the Volvo in front of me and my radiator is busticated. 

The other cars were drivable, mine was not.  So in addition to the paperwork and insurance headache (and guilt I feel about inflicting same on two other drivers), I spent 4 hours on the phone arranging for the tow, arranging for a rental car, notifying my insurance company, and leaving a message at the repair facility.  Then I convinced the very nice tow truck driver to drive the 1 mile to my house so I could unload the car and the dog before the car was whisked off to Meffa.

How do you know when a knitter has had a stressful day? 
When she turns down the offer of a ride to the car rental agency from a wonderful neighbor, in favor of taking the T, because it means she will get some knitting time in.

(Yes, the Pup and I have safely arrived in NJ.)


~ by Kat on November 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Eeyore”

  1. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I hope things go more smoothly for a while!

  2. Oh, that REALLY, REALLY sucks. I hope you have a VERY relaxing time in NJ. You deserve it! (And I’m glad no one was hurt.)

  3. oh bother, I hope this means that things can only go up — I had my car break down on my way out on vacation last year — so I understand that frustration as well. Have some good family time.

  4. oh god. i’m so sorry. glad you made it to NJ safely. get some rest.

  5. oh man – well at least you got the crappiness out of your system and now the rest of your break simply MUST be awesome!

  6. Oy. I’m so glad it worked out in the end, but what a pita. Rest lady. Rest!

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