Office Supplies

I’m weird.  I love office supply stores – highlighters, file cards, label makers, color coded folders, tools for removing heavy duty staples, etc.  Despite my lack of organization, I love the organizational tools that they sell.  Hey, I can dream can’t I?

While perusing the bookstore at my conference, I made a key discovery –


It’s supposed to be box for file cards, but it’s perfect for carrying circular needles and other non-bendable accessories. 


~ by Kat on November 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Office Supplies”

  1. oh i love office supplies, too! i hoard pens, can’t seem to get enough of them, even though i’m 90% a computer user, not a longhand writer.

  2. Definitely another office supply junkie here. Pens and folders are my weakness. Especially gel pens. Throw me a glittery gel pen and I’m giddy.

  3. Did someone mention office supplies? *twitch twitch*

    That’s a great find! Thanks for the tip. Hee hee – my notions bag is a very spiffy makeup bag from Walgreens – it’s like a miniature 3-ring binder that zips shut and you can add binder pouches as needed.

  4. Ah, very clever! I, too, looooove office supplies! When I was young I worked in an office supply store. I had file folders, pens, clips, fancy organizer crap and had absolutely NO use for any of it because I was like …sixteen. You should see my supply closet in my office. heh.


  5. Oh, brilliant! And I’m an office supply junkie too.

  6. i love office supplies but in the US i find the selection rather limited. in europe on the other hand. oh my god. the pens, the markers, the notebooks……

    almost as wonderful as yarn.

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