Eye Candy will come tomorow (I’m heading to the National Zoo first thing in the morning and then a walk on the Mall).  Our nation’s capitol may be full of wonderful sights, but the food has been horrible.  Scary that the highlight of my meals so far has been the salad bar at the school cafeteria.  (Ahh, fresh veggies.)

There has been minimal sock progress (the blanket is still in time out).  I had to keep putting the knitting down to take notes at the conference. 


~ by Kat on November 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Mmmm… salad.

  2. If you’re headed to the Mall, try to eat lunch at the Native American museum. Their cafeteria is *fantastic*!

  3. Dang work! Always getting in the way of knitting…!
    Bummer about the food 🙂

  4. I will have to give you a few recommendations for next time.

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