Beehive Hat

I don’t have any Eye Candy photos to share today. Instead. let me present the Beehive Hat. This is my first successful attempt at just casting on, swatching, and winging it.

Yarn: Foxfire’s Cormo Silk Thick & Thin
Needles: Size 7 circulars
Gauge:: 5 spi, 11 rpi (in pattern)
Pattern: My own

The top is a bit wonky, I didn’t have any size 7 dpns and had to wing it with two circulars. (With my monstrous needle collection, I can’t believe that I don’t have any size 7 dpns.)  Other than that, I love this hat.  It matches my new coat nicely, it’s long enough to cover my ears, the fabric is nice and thick and stretchy enough to accomodate the ponytail, and oh so soft.  It’s so nice having a non-itchy hat.


~ by Kat on December 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “Beehive Hat”

  1. Mmmm…. cormo-silk hat…

  2. Oooh I love that hat. very nice.

  3. Nice hat! It’s looks nice and warm and squooshy.

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