Patron Saint

Seriously. One of these days life HAS to stop whapping me upside the head with the shit stick. Doesn’t it? I must sound like a broken record. I’m tired of being this broken record. However, it does provide for some entertaining moments. I submit the following for your amusement:

Yesterday, while driving on the Mass Pike, I noticed several orange flashing signs in the median, letting us travelers know that you can drop off Toys for Tots at the State Police barracks. This morning as I was dealing with unbelievable traffic during my entire trip (I left 15 minutes earlier and it took me 45 minutes longer) I actually spent 30 seconds wondering who St. Police was and why would the Turnpike Authority post about her on an orange flashing sign in the median.  (I even made the mental note to myself to google her when I got on line.) I spent the next 45 traffic filled minutes chuckling at myself. As if I needed more evidence that I work too much.

I should dig back to my Catholic roots and consider praying to Pio of Pietrelcina, the patron saint of stress relief and New Year Blues.

I have managed some gwfgwf knitting. A pair of fingerless mitts is done and the Alligator Scarf is nearing completion. I’ve already completed the recommended pattern repeats, but am adding a few more for length before I start the tail section. Doesn’t look like there will be enough time to complete all the fingerless mitts, Pantas, hats, scarves, and socks I’d like to finish. As the holiday gets closer, why do I make my gift knitting list longer?

I wonder if praying to St. Police will help?


~ by Kat on December 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Patron Saint”

  1. LOL – St. Police, patron saint of speeding motorists?!

  2. yeah i pray to st.police a lot.

    and the christmas frenzy is why i dno’t knit christmas gifts. i’ll knit birthday presents but not christmas presents.

  3. LOL at St. Police! I rarely knit Christmas gifts. I’m lucky to find the time to buy them. I hope things calm down for you over the holidays.

  4. hey..hello..Kaaaaaat….we are here @ the Loaf..& I have the tech…kind of sort of with my recieve E-Mail…it is pouring…have an extra trash bag….Ferd-o

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