Christmas Clogs and New Year Scarf

Aren’t they awesome? I saw them in a small store in the wilds of the NJ country over Thanksgiving. They haunted me. I googled and googled and froogled and couldn’t find them anywhere on internet. I googled and googled the name of that small store in the wilds of NJ with no luck. Luckily, my Mom put .5 and .5 together. Why .5? Because one night, while she was in the middle of kitchen craziness I asked her if she had the reciept from the store (she had purchased a baby shower gift) so I could call them about the clogs. In the ensuing kitchen craziness, I forgot to follow up with her. My Mom demonstrated her awesomeness by following up with the store and I was quite pleased to find them under the tree for me on Christmas Day.

While knitting at the doctor’s office this morning, I was happy to discover how well they match the Montego Bay Scarf WIP. (Despite the yellow glow cast by the lights in my office, the colors are fairly accurate.)

This is the third iteration of the scarf. I’m using Toasty Toes that was purchased at Circles a few years ago. The colorway is unkown since the ball band is long gone. After a few fits and starts, I’ve settled on 17 stitches on a #10 needle. I’ve also cut the edge stitches from 7 to 5, to cut down on the curling. The curl looks lovely in the original Sea Silk, but I did not like it in the heavier Toasty Toes.

Sorry for the extended absence and sporadic posting and minimal commenting and e-mailing, but things have been busy behind the scenes here at Super Guppy. My single New Year’s resolution is to take better care of myself both mentally and physically. Things may be a bit erratic for a few weeks, but I will be back to regular posting soon.


~ by Kat on January 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “Christmas Clogs and New Year Scarf”

  1. Oh, clever mom! Those are so fun!

    Hopefully there wasn’t a bad physical scare triggering that last paragraph???

  2. Cute clogs. Happy New Year!!

  3. awesome mom!

  4. If you are taking true care of yourself, we readers can wait. . .

  5. Oh, plaid Danskos! I’m jealous.

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