I love it.
Java? Not so much.

Just before 7:00 am this morning there was a flash of light and an almost instantaneous BOOM! This was also about the same time we lost power. Coincidence?


~ by Kat on January 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Thundersnow”

  1. Maybe not so much with the coincidence. 😉 Thundersnow is always so startling!

  2. Stunning photograph. Positively breathtaking. Thank you so very much.

  3. Thundersnow is downright freaky! We just had a handful of flurries and now it’s just back to being sad and snowless. *sigh*

  4. gorgeous picture. how ironic that i live in the burbs and yet can’t get a picture without a power line.

    and you in the city get such a gorgeous shot.

    we didn’t hear the thunder out by me.

  5. You are always loosing power up there. What gives?

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