Wacky Wednesday – a day late

After getting home from work AND working out, I was too lazy to turn on the computer last night.  Wednesday was so wacky that it continues on into Thursday. 

I’ve got two items for you, both are amusing and disturbing in very different ways.  First up, some “so bad they are effin’ hysterical” photographs.  If you like Stitchy, you’ll love these.  Second, have you seen any of the Tom Cruise video?


~ by Kat on January 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Wacky Wednesday – a day late”

  1. Oh wow, some of those photos take me right back to the 70’s-80’s. Too scary! You were better than i who never even made it onto the elliptical yesterday, lack of energy!

    What is up with the Cruise video. I hear he is now secretly taking over the church and their baby was artif. insem. from frozen swimmers of the church’s founder……oh to laugh. Who knows what is real!

  2. oh my god. that list blog is the best! i kind of got sucked in.

  3. Those photos – whoa. Still laughing – thanks!

  4. I didn’t know who Mike Rowe was. (Guess we don’t watch enough t.v.) Now I know. Thanks.

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