FOs Galore!

Here’s the latest Swish Scarf adorned by a variety of shawl pins.

Pattern: Swish Scarf
Yarn: Foxfire Fiber’s Cormo Silk Classic – 1 skein
Needles: Size 9 Clover circs
Started: February 26
Finished: February 28
I love this pattern. Easy to memorize and the sideways fringe is just fun, fun, fun.

I made all of the shawl pins during a workshop at Circles yesterday.  Leslie taught us the basic techniques for making three different styles of pins and then just let us play.  It was so cool seeing all the different designs and shapes that people came up with.  Twisting and hammering metal wire is really therapeutic.  There is definitely a stash of wire in my future.


~ by Kat on March 3, 2008.

8 Responses to “FOs Galore!”

  1. I loved that class when I took it last time. I had so much fun pounding on the metal. I was surprised how easy it was to get something that looked nice. Like so many things, easy to learn, very difficult to master, it would seem.

  2. Agreed. Pounding away just made me appreciate Leslie’s skills even more. And wait until you see the cool little item I bought from her…

  3. Ok, that is SERIOUSLY cool that you made those! Wow.

  4. Swish-a-rama.

    I just wanted to type that :-).

    LOVE the pins. Leslie wanted me to come up to her studio to make some, but we could never get our schedules coordinated.

  5. Those are really great pins! The scarf is really beatiful as well. Nice work!

  6. LOVE the color! And the scarf! And you made those pins? LOVE them too!!

  7. Hi, I’m back to comment again. I’m always thumbing through “knitting on the edge” and this has always caught my eye. Seeing yours definitly pushes me over the edge… I think I am going to take this pattern with me to Florida next week!!

  8. I LOVE that scarf, Kat. And I have a pin from Leslie — sounds like a great class.

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