Eye Candy – of the imaginary sort

Dull eggshell walls, bad flourescent lighting, and messy stacks of paper do not make for interesting photographs. (Although I have been making excellent progress on organizing and purging the messy stacks of paper!) Yes, I am working too much again so I leave you with some imaginary eye candy——-

Picture it, Sicily 1920 (Sorry, I’ve got Golden Girls on the brain) – imagine you are tired and stressed out. All week long people have been pestering you with questions and requests. Everyone wants there answer NOW, but each answer takes time to research and generate. Each time you work on answering someone’s question you are interrupted by someone else asking a different question. At last, late on Friday, you finish answering questions. Saturday is bringing rain. Lots of rain. And warm weather. Warm enough so that you can open the windows and listen to the rain. Warm enough so that you can open the windows and get some fresh air stirring in the condo. Cool enough so that at least one blanket will be needed while you are hanging out on the couch in your PJs, knitting, napping, reading, and watching movies. There may be a beer or two involved too.

You’re welcome to stop by – just don’t ask me any questions.



~ by Kat on March 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Eye Candy – of the imaginary sort”

  1. Ahhhhh indeed.

  2. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words but in this case I think 200 or so words was a fair swap.

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