Most Likely Breaking the Yarn Diet


Me, my camera, and my bicycle are heading to the Vineyard next month. 

Who’s comin?

(Click on the image for details.)

For all you Ravelers, the thread is here.


~ by Kat on March 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “Most Likely Breaking the Yarn Diet”

  1. Sounds like it will be a great reason to break your yarn diet at least!

  2. … and a nice place to break your yarn diet! Sounds like fun.

  3. Oh, man, I wish I still lived in Boston.

    Note: I haven’t said this since I left, so this is big. Only the yarn could do this to me.

  4. I really wanted to go, but sadly have other commitments that weekend. Bummer!

  5. Now seems like a good time to win the lottery. Sadly, I don’t think that’ll happen in time for me to make the Vineyard.

  6. Hey are we doing college hoops this year?? If you set up the bracket I’ll donate the prizes since I won last year. Let me know what you think. . .

  7. I’m going to be there–with my Mom and my dog! (And, yes, my camera. A must.)

  8. Still indecided…

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