Knitting Red Sox

Kniterati started it on a Red Sox Forum thread on Ravelry.  Or maybe Oliviadem started it.  All I know is that I ran with it.  Ladies and gentlemen, fellow knitters, Bostonians, and Red Sox lovers, in honor of Opening Day at Fenway I present knitting with the Red Sox.

I can see it now,……………

Capt. Tek takes up surfing Ravelry, you know, so he can research all the yarns and patterns and match each pitcher with a project that is appropriate for their skill level and knitting interests.

Schilling goes out and buys a knitting machine (it will be good rehab for his shoulder).

Manny DelCarmen, quietly works on an EZ Surprise jacket for his little one.

Timlin cranks out HelloYarn Pirate Mittens for all the guys to wear on those chilly spring/fall days in the bull pen. Until Taverez steals his DPNs.

Sean Casey gets all the rookies started on knitting garter stitch squares for an afghan for Theo’s baby.

Papelbon winds everyone’s yarn into center pull balls (he can’t get enough of that swift!).

Manny takes to incorporating those left over bits of yarn and some cool stitch markers Clay Bucholz found on Etsy into his hair and keeps a small sock project stashed in the Green Monster for those ‘long tv timeouts’.

And in a quiet corner, Wake works on a lovely Orenburg shawl. In camouflage yarn so he can stay warm while hunting next off season.

At the end of every game, Big Papi enthusiastically runs out to the bull pen and admires the progress made on each project, offers encouragement to those struggling with charts or fiddly magic loop socks, and then holds up all the FOs to see if they would fit him.

Don’t you feel sorry for the poor rookie who will have to carry the knitting bag back and forth from the bullpen?

(All non-knitters and non-Red Sox fans now think I am very, very strange.  Knitters and Red Sox fans already knew that.)


~ by Kat on April 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Knitting Red Sox”

  1. LOL omg i am dying over here! you are hilarious

  2. Oh my god – what awesome images floating before my eyes!! I can see it all so perfectly The thought of Wake out there with tiny addis working on delicate lace…I am crying I’m laughing so hard.

  3. Ha! I love it.

    Wonder if it would be bad for a pitcher’s eyesight, though.

  4. *snerk* You, missy, almost caused my laptop to be baptized with turkey sub.

  5. Strange or not, it’s good to hear from you! 🙂

  6. that was GREAT!

  7. tee hee!

  8. Oh, I can just see Papi, holding stuff up so the crowd can see it on the Jumbotron! All that lace would be good for the hand/eye coordination, though, don’t you think?

  9. LOL! My husband is a huge Braves fan so it makes perfect sense to me. 🙂 It’s good to hear from you.

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