F is for Fenway

Gate D at Fenway Park.

Home of the much loved Boston Red Sox. It really is an amazing place to watch a baseball game.

Last night was my second game of the year and it was well worth the time I spent in purgatory virtual waiting room to get the ticket. Another come from behind Sox victory. Jacoby had 2 HRs, Pedroia had several doubles. Tavarez got us out of a big jam and than Papelbon comes on in the 9th to shut them down. It’s only April, and all of Fenway stood for the entire 9th inning like it was the playoffs.

Yeah, we’re like that about our baseball. Just a little crazy.


~ by Kat on April 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “F is for Fenway”

  1. Just a little. 😉

  2. It’s only crazy to the outsiders. I wasn’t there, but it WAS a fantastic game!

  3. Great shot. This makes me miss my old neighborhood soooooo much. I’d listen to all of the games all summer long, just through my open windows. So great.

  4. …or a little of both.

    Beautiful photograph.

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