What NESN didn’t show you last night

This rabid Celtics fan made it from the Pesky Pole to the stands down the third base line (right were we sat last game). He was finally tackled by security as he jumped into the stands. Security had two spectacular missed tackles in left field.

I hope none of them plan on trying out for the Patriots this year.  I tried to get a “Beat L.A.” chant going after the incident, but the crowd in the Pavillion Box seats doesn’t really go in for that sort of thing.

The game was awesome. Masterson pitched well, and my boys broke through right after I bought my first ever Red Sox t-shirt. If that’s what it takes to win, I am willing to make the sacrifice.


~ by Kat on June 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “What NESN didn’t show you last night”

  1. Hee hee – wanna bet that Security is doing windsprints today?

  2. It’s funny; I’ve been to three Sox games, and each time someone rushed the field. It’s always entertaining to watch.

  3. Thanks for the pic — they never show those on NESN. I wonder if getting arrested is really worth the trouble??

  4. I still haven’t bought might first Red Sox t-shirt. Maybe I need to remedy that! : )

  5. I was at that game. Sitting just behind Pesky’s pole. Too bad I didn’t catch sight of the dude up close before he jumped on the field. And yeah, security looked like the bad news bears…

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