Austin is Weird

And very proud of it. What other city in America would host a big biker rally and a gay pride event on the same weekend? I’m just sorry I’m not going to be there. Sounds like a fun time.

I’m in NJ/NY for the weekend before heading back to Texas on Monday. The work load should be a bit lighter so I’m hoping to have time to visit Hill Country Weavers (doesn’t it look amazing?). It’s just down the road from where I’m working. Sooooo close, and yet so far.  I just may have to “get lost” when I go out for lunch. Heh.

Progress was made on the no-brainer travel scarf. I’ll post pictures over the weekend. Maybe, even pictures of an FO! Now wouldn’t that be exciting?

(I’ve got a mail storage box in front of my place in JP.  I would love to do something like this to it.)


~ by Kat on June 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Austin is Weird”

  1. yes yes, i love my city even though it’s over the top hot now.

    the republic of texas rally is so fun to check out. bikers every.where.

  2. Austin’s definitely on my list of “must visit” places.

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