the knitting nest

The big surprise of the week? Discovering the knitting nest while I was out searching for a bookstore and dinner one night last week.

I’m a funny sort of traveler. I’m perectly happy wandering. Be it by foot or vehicle. I rarely use a map. If I do, it’s in a general sort of way. I rarely get lost, the GPS in my brain is excellent! I also love learning about the history of the place where I am.

Last week when I got out ‘early’, I went looking for a bookstore so I could hopefully pick up a book about the history of Austin and the surrounding area. No luck in the book department, but when I was heading back to the hotel, I stumbled across the sign for the knitting nest. Score!

This week, I had time to make a visit and it was well worth it. The space is well lit and open, with a wonderful knitting area to the left. Big comfy chairs, plenty of space for your knitting, AND (here’s the best bit) original, signed portraits of Franklin, Dolores, and Harry on the wall!! I missed seeing them all in person by just a few weeks.  The selection of Cascade alone was enough to make me swoon, then I discovered all the Trekking sock yarn varieties in the back corner, then I discovered the locally dyed sock yarn, then I discovered the pencil roving.  Yes, I was a happy Kat.

I had a lovely chat with the owner, Stacy and they are planning a big first anniversary blow out in the fall so be sure to check out their website and Ravelry group to keep up with the details and plan your trip to Austin.  I wish my project wasn’t going to be over by then so I could ‘schedule’ a trip back.

Photos of the purchases to come (as soon as the camera battery gets charged).


~ by Kat on June 20, 2008.

One Response to “the knitting nest”

  1. I love serendipitous finds like that!

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