Aren’t I stylish?

Here we have Java the Pup bringing you the latest in STR Accessories.

This simple Mistake Rib Scarf will have everyone asking, “where did you get that? It would go perfect with my [pink, brown, green, beige, camel, black, navy, cream, etc.] coat.

Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight
Needle: Size
Pattern: CO 37. Row 1 – k2, p2, repeat to end; ending with a k1. Row 2 – Slip 1 knitwise, K1, *P2, K2* (repeat from * to *), end with a K1. Repeat Row 2 until desired length is reached or there are two yards of yarn remaining. Bind off in pattern.


~ by Kat on June 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Aren’t I stylish?”

  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for the pattern. Hee hee – Java looks intent, but slightly puzzled.

  2. hee – her expression is priceless.

  3. love the scarf and java – she is a pretty gal.

  4. Java!! Scarf (and pup) look great!

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