ya think?

Spotted this on my way home tonight. It sums up my day nicely.

9:00 am – arrive at the office (if you know me IRL you know how rare this is. I’m a 9:30 kinda gal.)
9:30 am – open weird e-mail
9:45 am – get asked to work on a big, emergency project that is not my responsibility anymore. The person that they recently inserted above me (don’t get me started) is supposed to do it, but s/he is AWOL.
10:15 am – find out that the reason the person they recently inserted above me is AWOL is that s/he passed away over the weekend in a car accident.
2:00 pm – spill tea all over my desk and keyboard during conference call (I maintained my cool, folks on the call never knew it happened.)
2:30 pm – turn my keyboard upside down, make my officemate laugh with the amount of tea that pours out.
2:32 pm – “Sham WOW!” we’re both having a giggle fit.
3:30 pm – send off big, emergency project (based on lots of metrics and data)
3:34 pm – get call from folks who asked for big emergency project asking me to revise big emergency project using numbers that have nothing to do with the metrics and data.
3:45 pm – submit revised, made-up, big emergency project
3:47 pm – get asked to revise again
3:55 pm – submit math worksheet using numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with the volume or time frame of the project, metrics, or data (6.5 hours of my life down the tubes)

On the knitting front – I’ve stirred the stash. I’m playing with some Regia sock yarn but I’m not feeling the love. So much so that I am actually swatching. I NEVER swatch.


~ by Kat on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “ya think?”

  1. What a messed up day! Death and data… yikes.

    [great sign!]

  2. Yikes. I thought the weird email was going to turn out to be corporation virus or something… That is an excellent sign!

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