mind like an elephant

A while back, Bookish Wendy blogged about some mittens. Mittens she had purchased at the infamous cold and rainy NH Sheep & Wool and few years back. The mittens were made of recylced sweaters, which had been fulled, sewn together in a colorful and random fashion, and lined with fleece. She raved about these mittens, about how warm and wonderful they were on that cold, raw day.

A few weeks ago I was shopping and saw these fingerless mitts and mittens. “A-ha!”, I said to myself, “these look just like those mittens from Wendy’s post.” Feeling whimsical, and having just gotten paid, I bought the fingerless mitts. I don’t need mittens, I already have toasty warm sheepskin mittens.

It was pretty raw this morning. Cold, wet, drizzly, windy – just the kinda of New England day you read about it. “A-ha!!” I said to myself, “I can try out those new fingerless mitts.” My hands were cranky while walking the dog (hence the A-ha! moment), they were so not cranky on my walk to the T. They were warm and toasty and comfortable.  And since these are made of fulled sweaters and lined with fleece, I don’t have to worry about getting them wet!

I am soooo going back to buy some mittens. (No, I’m not telling you where I got them until after I buy my mittens 😉 ).

ETA:  I found them on-line (my google-fu is strong)!  You can order them from baabaazuzu.


~ by Kat on October 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “mind like an elephant”

  1. Those are great!! Love that picture!

  2. Great photo! And do tell after you get them – at least if they have online ordering. I need some serious warmth for my poor Reynaud’s ridden hands.

  3. love those !! …runs off to buy some 😉

  4. Yahayayahayahaya

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