Don’t ever work until bar break on a Friday when it’s Halloween in Boston.

I actually thought I was going to have to walk home. Luckily a cab driver spotted my tired sober self and drove past the drunken mobs of costumed revelers and picked me up. We had to tear outta there as it felt like I was being pursued by a bunch of zombies. It was actually kinda scary. At every red light the cab was accosted – they were banging on the hood and the trunk, trying to open the door, pounding on the windows. The driver and I were relieved when we got out of the bar area. After that experience, he stated his night was over, he was heading home.

Ah well, lesson learned.


~ by Kat on November 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Yikes! Glad you made it home in one piece. And did you learn a valuable lesson about working too much?? 😉

  2. Gracious! That doesn’t like a fun Halloween at all!

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