Proof that I have been knitting

Soo, not an Eye Candy Friday. I’ve got some great Eye Candy on the DSLR, but the work laptop doesn’t have the software to handle the NEF format.

Yes, yet another mistake rib scarf using STR. What can I say? I’ve got an enormous stash of sock yarn and a penchant for mindless knitting while traveling.

You don’t notice the blue and green splotches in real life. Seeing them in the photo, I’ll have to pay attention tomorrow. I may have to rip and cast on with a different number of stiches. Frogging 10+ inches of sock yarn scarf? Yeah, that’s a painful thought. I’m gonna wait and see if I see the splotches in the morning. After all, I do have a three hour flight to Texas in the evening. Frogging is one way to pass the time.


~ by Kat on November 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Proof that I have been knitting”

  1. Great scarf to show off that lovely yarn.

  2. I think the splotches look cool.

  3. I like the pooling…. pooling never bothers me though. Can you knit a row from both the beginning and then the end of the yarn to cut into the pooling?

  4. interesting colorway. (pooling usually never bothers me either)

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