I want you all to do me a favor.  Get out your cell phones, I’ll wait.  Got ’em?  OK good.  Now, open your list of numbers, how many of you have an entry for ICE (in case of emergency)?  If you don’t, please make one now.  Again, I’ll wait.  Done?  Excellent.  I hope that no one will ever have to call that number, but if they do, your family and friends will greatly appreciate it.

An anonymous internet friend (non-knitter) was out watching the election results on Tuesday.  As she walked home, she was hit by a car  Thankfully, the driver stopped, called 911, and waited until police and ambulance arrived.  She arrived at the trauma center within the ‘golden hour’, and was admitted as a ‘Jane Doe’.  Her family and friends spent a very frantic few days wondering what had happened to her, wondering where she was, wondering if she was OK.

Please, if you ignored the instructions in the first paragraph, won’t you add an ICE number to your cell phone now?  And, please, send healing thoughts to my anonymous internet friend.  She’s currently in a drug induced coma due to her head injury.



~ by Kat on November 9, 2008.

7 Responses to “ICE”

  1. Oh no. Sending healing thoughts!! And I already have a an ICE entry on my cell phone…

  2. I’ve got an ICE entry in my cellphone already. But for good or ill, I rarely have my cellphone with me.


  3. How horrible. I’ve always wondered about that – assuming emerg. officials would see my entry for “home” and try that, but it would only reach hubby on nights and weekends. I’ll make a new entry right now – I had no idea there was a set “standard” for this.

  4. Good god Kat! I hope your friend is ok! That is so scary!

  5. Oh man. I’ll send quick healing thoughts her way.

  6. I hope that she comes through this well and whole. I will be sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery!

  7. Sending healing thoughts…

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