Church Door
Mission San Jose
San Antonio, TX
November 2008

Wow. I really don’t bounce back from all-nighters like I used to. I was useless on Tuesday and a good portion of Wednesday morning. Didn’t help that the pup had her own re-entry issues. I’m pretty sure that she was just as annoyed as I was at our frequent trips outside. Poor thing. When I board her, I send along her own food to try and prevent these types of problems. I’m beginning to think it’s the stress that causes the problems. I worked from home yesterday so I wouldn’t have any messes to clean up and she was back to normal last night. (Fingers crossed for when I get home tonight.)

Since I’ve been back I’ve only managed a row or two on the latest mistake rib scarf. By the way, I’ve dubbed it Chicaustonio (Rav link), after the three cities I visited. Now it’s tim to come up with the next mindless project. I’m off again this weekend – heading to DC this time for another work conference. Got any mindless knitting suggestions? Maybe a nice cowl? Another scarf pattern? As much as I love the mistake rib scarves, I’m getting a bit sick of them.

Alas, we have begun the season of “very little daylight so I have no good WIP pictures to share with you”, but rest assured that the current scarf (thanks to the travel delays on Monday night) is progressing nicely. Unblocked, it’s just over 41″ long and I still have about 1/4 of the yarn left. I don’t have a drug dealer scale, so I’m just eyeballing it.

l also need to pack some knitting for the following week as I’ll be in NJ for the first gwfgwf* event of the year. York will be coming with me (Just a few rows on the fronts and then it’s on to the sleeves), and I’m thinking of starting another sweater for me. I’ve been swatching with some Knitaly and am thinking of a top down raglan. (It’s such a gorgeous yarn – why oh why is it discontinued?) I’ve got about 1400 yards, so I’m thinking about Charisma (pdf) from make1, but all that texture really eats up the yardage. I should probably save that pattern for a yarn that is not discontinued. That would be the smart thing to do. Right?

*generic winter festive gathering with food


~ by Kat on November 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “re-entry”

  1. Kat, you take the most beautiful pictures! Oh, and welcome home…

  2. Socks! Take socks! 🙂 Hope poor Java made it through the day ok.

  3. Spectacularly beautiful.

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