a drive in the country

Ahhh, nothing like a day in the country. I even managed to find some local alpaca yarn at the Valley Shepard Creamery. Mmmm, tasty cheese, cool sheepy crafts and alpaca yarn. Life is good.

Looking forward to getting back to Boston tomorrow so I can start swatching. I’ve got to crank out a cowl for my Mom’s riding instructor and send it off in the mails so it arrives in NJ by the 20th. Nothing like deadline knitting is there?


~ by Kat on November 29, 2008.

6 Responses to “a drive in the country”

  1. What a beautiful photo!

  2. What a great photo. Stop by and say hello when you come through Westport, CT tomorrow. You might need a break by then. Safe travels. I hope you get to be a passenger in the car so you can get some knitting done.

  3. You have such a great eye!

  4. Did you say something about knitting? I’m sorry. . . I was ogling the gorgeous horse.

  5. Beautiful photo!

  6. This horse is either Danny or Casio – 5 and 7 year old brothers and currently being trained in jumping and a a few dressage movements EVERYDAY! They are very athletic, friendly, smart and a little aggressive – in a nice sort of way.
    This photo is the best! You certainly can capture the moment….

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