Happy gwfgwf!

I was getting into the gwfgwf spirit, but it all disappeared today (work stress has a way of doing that). I’m hoping it comes back tomorrow when Judy and I go to the Sowa Holiday Market.

I hope to spend Sunday watching football and working on some gwfgwf knitting projects. No stress there, as these are all bonus gifts and quick simple knits.  A few cowls and fingerless mitts using worsted and bulky yarn.  (Yay for stashbusting!)   If I finish them, great, if I don’t no worries (I’ll just stock them up for next year).  I also need to get going on some hats for Jean.  She triple-dog-dared me to knit some and you know what that means….

Birthday drinks for a co-worker tonight should help get me back into the holiday spirit as well. Cheers!


~ by Kat on December 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Happy gwfgwf!”

  1. I posted about gwfgwf music a few days ago, linking to you as the originator of the term – I love that term. Hope the holiday spirit hits soon! (And doesn’t flatten you…)

  2. Money was spent and good times were had !
    Happy Gwfgwf !

  3. I can’t believe how much little you looks like adult you!

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