Penitential Pilgrimage Crew (aka Guinness Pour Quality Assurance Team)
Ward’s Pond, JP/Brookline Line
January 1, 2009
(please excuse the poor framing – it was the best I could do with the gorillapod in the snowy woods)

For the past several years a group of friends has gathered for a brisk walk around Jamaica Plain with periodic stops at various pubs. We’ve all got such hectic lives, it’s nice to take at least one day to catch up with each other. Along the way, the crowd changes as folks drop off or catch up to us. I even managed to make some progress on the latest Darkside Cowl at our second stop.

No knitting yet today, I’ve been too busy continuing with the de-cluttering effort and playing with the Wii (I’m horrible but it is fun). Once I get everything put away again, I hope to sit down this evening and get it finished. Only an hour or so of knitting before the first FO of 2009.

Tomorrow I may head to Webs to catch up with some of the Sox Knitters from Ravelry. I certainly don’t need any more yarn, but I’ve never been there and it would be fun to meet some of the Sox Knitters. We spend so much time on line chatting with each other, it would be great to put some faces to the Ravatars. Only glitch (besides the not needing any more yarn bit), is that I am supposed to be on the South Shore for a party at my cousins’ in the afternoon. Not sure if I am up to all that driving in one day. I’ll decide when I get up in the morning. I like living on the edge like that.


~ by Kat on January 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “tradition”

  1. Great photo! Have fun at Webs!!

  2. Ok, I love the skewed framing!!! 🙂

  3. What a great photo – I loved the framing! Sounds like a marvelous tradition.

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