first house

The first house I lived in (until age 4)

Random memories:

taking the red wagon to the creek at the bottom of the hill to get rocks to line the garden beds

watching for Santa Claus out my window and seeing Rudolph’s Nose blinking (a plane) and rushing to sleep

the bat in my room and my Dad chasing it with a broom

the bloody nose I had that wouldn’t stop and I bled all over my favorite blanket

the multi-level tree house that Mr. Underwood had in his backyard. no ladder, you had to shinney up a pole to get there. yes, at 4, I shinnied up the pole and was one of the cool kids who was allowed to play in the tree house

getting our cat Barney (nicknamed Bagoo) he was named him after Barney Rubble on the Flintstones. somewhere there is a picture of my sister and I in our Easter finest (hats and all) holding him

playing in my sandbox


~ by Kat on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “first house”

  1. You’ve triggered my own flashback to the first house I remember living in!

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