dead muppet

On Saturday morning, Judy and I met up in the early morning for a trip to Townsend, MA and the JCA warehouse sale. There were some great deals on yarn and I even carried some around with me for a while, but in the end I didn’t buy any. I did buy two sample sweaters and some needles and patterns and finished needlepoint canvases (to be made into pillows for Mom’s gwfgwf gift).

The sample sweaters were the best part. Lots of beautiful work and lovely sweaters and they were mised in with some doozies that the Fug Girls would have a ball with.  Take for instance the Dead Muppet sweater pictured above. Stylish, no? I almost bought it to use as a Halloween costume (Muppet Zomnbie), but I don’t have a Halloween party to go to so I left it on the table.

I’m going to be kicking myself if I get invited to Halloween party this year.


~ by Kat on August 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “dead muppet”

  1. That is hilarious. I wish I had gone to the sale, but it is probably better for me, my wallet and my marriage that I didn’t 🙂

  2. Um, wow. Just… wow.

  3. That’s hilarious. Such a lovely color for such a – Halloween sweater.

  4. OMG – that is too funny. The title made me laugh and the sweater is truly perfect. Now if you can just get some wonky big googly eyes and talk with a funny voice it will be perfect. Gotta love muppets – dead or alive

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