eat sugar

Actually, the sign says “Eaton’s Sugarhouse”, but the fiddy lens crop amused me. It’s also a good summary of the weekend. Pineapple pancakes, Maple milkshakes, maple candy. Mmmmm. And I don’t even have a sweet tooth.

The weekend was so much fun we are already planning to take over the B&B and go back next year. Even the rain couldn’t dampen the fun. I tried spinning and yoga for the first time (not at the same time mind you), and I am looking forward to more of both. But first I need to knit my purchases.

I was good and stuck to my budget and only 4 skeins came home with me. One skein of a gorgeous silk/merino blend from Biltmore Wool Barn (from Brewster, MA) in a lovely grellow. (What to do with 190+ yards of sport/worsted weight?) Two kits from Dye Dreams also made the trip south, Harmonia’s Rings Cowl and the Portuguese Fisherwoman’s Shawl.

Have to wind up the yarn cakes this morning so they can join me on vacation. I’m working on scoring a seat on a Rhinebeck bus and I need something to wear.


~ by Kat on October 5, 2009.

One Response to “eat sugar”

  1. What a great sign, or portion of a sign 😉

    Hey, would you mind chatting with me re some “data theft” topics? if so – email me please – saraskates8s at gmail dot com

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