Beaver Lodge

Actually, we stayed in Tecumseh Lodge, but plenty of Beaver Lodges were spotted in the nearby ponds.

Had a great time at Beaver Weekend. It was so nice to get away and recharge my batteries. Friday night we had a bonfire with much beer and music. Saturday some of the crafty folks made the pilgrimage to Center Harbor and Keepsake Quilting and Patternworks. I’m not a quilter and my mind was buzzing with ideas from all the gorgeous fabrics in Keepsake Quilting. My quilting companions went a little nuts there.

While they were busy with the yardage, I ventured next door to Patternworks. Such a lovely shop. I worshipped at the infamous Wall of Koigu, but only purchased one skein of Schaefer Nichole (in the Elizabeth Zimmerman colorway) and three patterns. Two vests (one an interesting double-knit construction) and a jacket. When we got back, it was time to head off to the Tuckerman Brewery in Conway for a tour and some beverage purchasing. As a former home-brewer, I was familiar with the process, but our tour guide was entertaining and passionate about his craft. The free beer was tasty too.

Saturday evening was occupied with jigsaw puzzles, cribbage, mug making (there is always a group craft project), dancing, the ‘talent’ show, and Skanky Swap. The best part of the Talent Show was the Improv Exercises. Good times. Had such a good time participating, I’m going to look into doing a class at ImprovBoston. The Skanky Swap provided the coup de grace for the weekend. My crafty project stole the show. Apologies in advance for those who don’t appreciate raunchy humor. (If you are a delicate flower, you should move on to the next blog now. Thanks for stopping by!)

So, while shopping for the Beaver Hat fun fur (hat was a huge hit BTW), I was inspired. Skanky Swap. Beaver Weekend. Silly. Merkin. Apron. Merkpron. (Yeah, my brain works in weird ways.) So, I purchased a denim apron, knit a triangle out of the left over Beaver Hat fun fur and sewed it on the apron in a strategic location. People were fighting over it!  There is photographic evidence, but my rule is never place anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times, so it will remain private.  Needless to say, we laughed and laughed and laughed and M enjoyed putting on a show.  Let’s just say there will be a new kind of cover-up at the nudist beach she frequents in FL.

Today we hiked. Up the mountain to the Lookout Tower, then up the hill to the Meeting House and cemetery in the middle of the hayfield, and out to the Beaver Pond and back. Got on the road home around 2 and spent the drive home pondering things for next year. Hope y’all had a great weekend too. Now it’s back to reality. Wah!


~ by Kat on November 8, 2009.

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  1. Heh, sounds like you should submit your apron pattern to some extreme crafting magazine.

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