I’m in DC for two days for a whirlwind work conference. I love DC and I love this conference, but it doesn’t allow me any time for sightseeing or catching up with the local knitting peeps.

Back in June, I brought my Mom and brother down to DC for the Red Sox series against the Nationals. (Yes, I went to all three games.) We had a great time. It was fun being able to take the time to be a tourist. My parents met when they were students in DC. My Dad was at Georgetown Law while my Mom was a Dumbarton undergrad. After they married they bought their first house in Bethesda. That’s it above. I lived their until I was 4 but have very vivid memories from living there: my Dad chasing a bat with a broom; looking out the window one Christmas Eve to see Rudolph’s nose blinking (the light from a plane or UFO) and going right to bed so Santa wouldn’t skip our house; taking the wagon down to the stream at the bottom of the hill and hauling back stones to line the garden beds; getting my first kitten one Easter; and climbing Mr. Underwood’s tree house.

That tree house was no ordinary tree house. It had multiple levels and was not accessible via ladder. In order to get up there you had to shinny up a pole. Yep. Guess which 3-4 year old shinnied up the pole. I still remember how shocked the adults were the first time I got up there. No one expected me to do it, so they ignored me. Next thing they knew I was waving down at them from the third level. Freaked them right out I did. Good times.


~ by Kat on November 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “DC”

  1. I’m impressed – I would never have made it!

  2. I used to work in Bethesda when I lived in DC, and I nannied there as well. Such a pretty town. It looks like a beautiful house to grow up in!

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