It was a whirlwind trip to DC, and the conference was great as usual, but I am glad to be home. (The photo above is my view from the couch.) I’m really looking forward to picking up the pup tomorrow morning.

The travel gods were kind to me. Conference ended at 4:30, took the Metro to the Airport and was able to get a seat on the 5:30 flight back to Boston. No lines, no rushing, no stress. Sadly, the sinus gods are exacting revenge on me for some reason.

The pressure built as we descended, the pain increased, and here I am hours later and my ears still haven’t popped. I’ve tried yawning, I’ve tried wiggling, I’ve tried blowing, I’ve tried jumping, I’ve tried the neti pot, I’ve tried a steamy shower and nothing has worked so far. At least the pain has lessened, now it’s just an annoyance.

If the weather cooperates, I’ve got an FO to show you tomorrow. For now it’s bed time. I’ve got to try and beat this cold.


~ by Kat on November 13, 2009.

One Response to “home”

  1. Owwww!!! Hope your ears popped today…

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